Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses VTech Innotab Game

Product Overview

The Disney Princess VTech® Innotab software is educational software for children that provides a wonderful learning experience for kids between the ages of 4 – 6. Join Cinderella and the other Disney princesses in three interactive games that help children learn counting, colors, and comparison skills.  Each game can be played with the color touch screen or tilt sensor creating enhanced interaction.

Product Features

  • Includes 3 educational games for kids that utilize the Innotab touch screen and tilt-sensor technology
  • Includes princess e-book with a tale of Belle’s gift from the beast and Cinderella’s gift for the Prince.  E-book contains full color animation, voices, and sounds
  • Includes pop-up dictionary with kid-friendly animated definitions of words in the e-book
  • Includes two creative activities that children will enjoy and the ability to save work to the Innotab internal memory or removable SD card which is sold separately
  • Travel-size educational learning toy that can easily be taken anywhere
  • Buy VTech Innotab software and games to expand your child’s learning adventure

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 Order Disney Princesses for Vtech Innotab
 Order Disney Princesses for Vtech Innotab